's Cloud Solutions

VirtEngine by enables you to deploy a public or private cloud within minutes, enabling you to either offer cloud services to the public or to utilize the power of Virtualization privately.

Platform as a Service

Allow customers to design applications and integrate services such as (Databases, Analytics) & bind them with a private network. Our smartly integrated platform as a service handles the rest!

High Availability on N+1 Mode!

Fault tolerant storage, auto failover is activated on server failure. This feature is enabled by default.

Hyper Elasticity

Your users can now scale on-demand, with the ability for each VM to scale upto 99.99% of the host hypervisor its running on.

Continuous Integration

Integrated with popular services such as GitHub in order to allow continous integration, in return - You can update your application automatically by simply commiting.

Monitoring & Billing

Monitoring applications, services & VM's is a breeze. Further monitor your applications health. You can bill your customers based on usage, hourly - monthly or yearly.

Micro services(Docker)

Micro service - Docker is easy using an intuitive Visual Designer. Customize your application with a drag & drop style designer!

Enterprise Services

White-Label & Extendable platform

Our enterprise edition comes with a fully white-labelled interface, you also have access to all the template files and our team is ready to hack ahead and deliver new features!!

OpenSource Edition

No technology lockin - Our platform is based on OpenSource solutions and comes with a community edition.

Enterprise level Support!

Our tech team is on standby 24/7 ready to assist you in emergencies!

Our executive summary. is a start up aiming to simplify cloud integration for hosting providers, SMB's & enterprises, is currently building virtengine, a powerful all-in-one virtualization platform for your company & your clients. With billing integrated you can build a feature-full cloud and beat the competition.

VirtEngine is released
2015 starts building VirtEngine platform
2015 Project is Born